HopRocket - Blichmann

  • Hop-back suodatuksen työkalu kotipanolaan!
  • RST-rakenne
  • Vain kukkahumalalle
  • Max 85gr jos perushumalasuodatin käytössä, 115gr jos humalan aromi-infuusio suodatin käytössä.

HopRocket&trade stainless steel  

Enhance the hop aroma of your beer with the HopRocket! The HopRocket is both a inline hop filter and a inline hop infuser. As a hop infuser the HopRocket can be used to add hop aroma after boiling the wort or during dispension of the beer.

  • Only suitable for hop cones, not for hop pellets.
  • Max. 85 g of hop cones using the hop filter, max. 115 g with the hop infuser.
  • Pressure resistant up to 2.7 bar (40 PSI)
  • Made entirely of stainless steel.
  • With silicone sealing
  • Completely closed system from brewing kettle to fermentation tank or vessel:
    - Does not run over
    - No loss of volatile hop aroma&rsquo s
  • With a coarse filter at the bottom (conical)
  • Operates with pump as well as gravity (min. 1 m height difference)
  • The HopRocket is standard equipped with a ½" NPT connection that isn' t compatible with the current European connections. Therefore you'll need the following connections:
    - When using the HopRocket under pressure: 2 x 057.037.QC14FL connection 1/2" NPT x 1/4" MFL
    - When using the HopRocket without pressure: 2 x 057.037.QC12S connection 1/2" NPT x 3/8" straight barb 9 mm
  • When empty, The HopRocket can also be used as a filter.
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