IPA:n rakastajille! Tekniikoita, vinkkejä, tyyli ehdotuksia ja reseptejä makumaailmojen matkaajille. Yli 100 reseptiä IPA:n himoisille kotipanijoille.

Brew Your Own Magazine &ndash Special Issue: IPA Style Guide
Language: English
72 pages

Special issue for the IPA-lovers. With techniques, tips, style suggestions and recipes for exploring this diverse beer style.

IPA Style Guide is divided into 4 style sections: English IPA, American IPA, Imperial or Double IPA and Specialty IPAs.

More than 100 total recipes from clones of commercial IPAs developed with the brewer, to tried and true homebrewer IPA recipes. All recipes come formatted for all-grain and extract brewers. Even the most adventurous IPA-loving homebrewer should feel satiated.

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IPA Style Guide

IPA Style Guide

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